Fat Head’s Brewery & Tap House spoiled my Gluten-Free appetite (in a good way)

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My parents took my family and me out for my birthday yesterday. When they asked where I wanted to go my husband said “Fat Head’s.” (http://fatheads.com/) My gluten- free diet meter went off with images of wheat and barley filled beverages and bar food served directly from the deep fryer or between a gluten-FULL bun. However, I decided to check out their website anyway; I’m sure they served a salad I could eat. Maybe even a side of fries. If someone is going to buy me lunch and cook for me I try not to be too picky.

To my surprise I found, not only a few gluten-free options, but an ENTIRE menu filled with gluten free options. I could actually order a sandwich or pizza!

So many choices, right? My instinct was to stick with the salad or nachos. Those are my go-to orders when I am dining out, but I quickly realized this was my chance!!! I could order a sandwich with ACTUAL bread or PIZZA! How could I choose? This hasn’t happed in the 4 years I have been gluten free.

I decided on this beauty…

Chipotle Chicken Cheesesteak: Filled with sautés onions and peppers and amazing smoked chicken served with a side of house-made chips. 

Can you believe this sucker is gluten-free!?!?

Other ways Fat Head’s makes their dining experience awesome:Kid-friendly atmosphere. My kids got their own menu & set of crayons.
  • Although their bar hi-lights the Fat Head’s brand (rightfully so) they do offer a full-service bar.
  • Gift shop available for those beer lovers on your shopping list.

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