Fresh, No Sugar Added, Blueberry Topping for your Yogurt Parfait

I found a new snack I would grow to love any time of day: Greek yogurt, fruit, and something crunchy!! Some might call this a parfait, but I’m just not that fancy.


Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes That Will Make Grandma Proud

You see, in my formative pancake years the bar was set so high because grandma’s pancakes weren’t just homemade, they were homemade APPLE pancakes. I’ll venture to say this kind of culinary risk was before her time. I mean blueberry & chocolate chip, sure, but APPLE? I’m just saying,I don’t think it was a culinary coincidence  that I wasn’t getting APPLE pancakes anywhere else but her house.

Crustless Ham, veggie and smoked Gouda quiche

10 reasons why I have a crush on quiche
It’s Breakfast, It’s Dinner, It’s lunch, It’s Gluten Free when it’s ‘crustless’ or if you make a gluten free crust, It’s a blank palette for ingredients, It’s budget friendly, It’s good the next day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, My kids eat the vegetables I put in it, It’s a great way to use leftovers, and It’s a favorite in my house

Gluten-Free Blueberry Swirl, Sweet Corn Muffins

Thoughts of summer came creeping into my brain the other day and it’s what inspired these delicious muffins.

I was, specifically thinking of our lazy blueberry-picking days in the summer.