Penzeys: A Foodie’s Dream!!!

I visited Penzeys, an Ohio City gem, yesterday and I’m so glad I did! Not only was I immersed in an aroma of worldly spices and scents I was taken by the simple beauty of the layout of the store. Everything had its place, everything stood out, but nothing upstaged anything else. It was the kitchen cupboard of my dreams.

I was taken care of by a woman who knew her stuff and made my visit all the more delicious.

I came in to do some Christmas shopping and left with a handful of free goodies and picked up a few things I couldn’t resist for myself.

To top off the experience, the quality, uniqueness, and quantity of the products were met with a very fair price tag.

I bought these as gifts:

I bought these for myself:


I’m, personally excited to try the Horseradish Powder My husband and I are horseradish addicts and I’m thinking of trying it in my next chicken salad batch. You can modify this recipe for chicken salad

The Roasted Garlic Powder will be a great go-to for roasted potatoes, veggies, and a flavorful ingredient to homemade salad dressing! I might make the croutons in this recipe to add to my salad and change it up and add the Roasted Garlic Powder.

The Chip & Dip sounds wonderful! I am already picturing myself watching a good Christmas movie with a bag of chips and some homemade dip! I could add some Horseradish Powder too! Ahhhhh! Heaven!

***I do not get any kickback from Penzeys. It’s just a terrific place every food lover should visit. If you can’t make it to the store you can shop online.

Love, Food, & Family,



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