Keto Friendly Sautéed Brussels Spouts & Mushrooms

    It’s the new year and a new set of resolutions are upon us. The low carb Keto diet is the way of many in 2019 and I’m here to help!
  • I love veggies, but I also like my veggies to taste good. Otherwise, what’s the point? We will never stick to a diet that tastes bad. Right? You know I’m right.
  • The most difficult thing about eating Keto is planning in advance. And holidays, but holidays throw any diet out the window! God bless the soul who sticks to their diet late November through early January. I bow to you!!!
  • Back to my point about meal planning. It gets old!!! Don’t force yourself to eat veggies you don’t like either! Bad idea!!!! You had it right when you were a kid; refusing to eat your green beans…if you still hate green beans, please, get something else! You are an adult now! Yay!

As it happens two of my favorite veggies are Brussels Spouts and Mushrooms. I know I may be in the minority, but I could seriously eat this whole pan!!!

The beauty of this recipe is it calls for very little. Which means very little planning.

What You Need:

  1. One pound of Brussels Sprouts (halved)
  2. 8 Oz. Button Mushrooms (halved or quartered depending on size)
  3. Salt & Pepper to taste
  4. 2 Tbs. Olive Oil (divided)

How do I do This?

  1. Chop your mushrooms and Brussels sprouts.
  2. Add 1 Tbs. of olive oil and mushrooms to the pan.
  3. HERE is the trick to this dish. The mushrooms will suck up all the oil almost immediately. RESIST the urge to add more oil or salt/pepper!!!! This is gonna be hard but you have to trust me, those suckers won’t burn, they will turn a lovely golden brown color and taste delicious! This takes about 5-7 minutes.
  4. When you start to see the mushrooms brown you may add the salt/pepper. It takes very little. Remember, you have already brought out a ton of flavor by allowing the mushrooms to brown.
  5. Add the additional Tbs. of olive oil and the Brussels sprouts. AGAIN, resist the urge to add salt or more oil!!! You will want to, but TRUST ME, you won’t need it.
  6. You can see the pan is very dry. That’s how you get the color & taste of the veggies to come out!!!
  7. Serve hot!

If you want to kick this dish up you can add any combination of the following:

  • Pine Nuts
  • Toasted Pecans
  • Goat Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Balsamic Glaze
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Honey Drizzle

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  1. Betty says:

    I love brussel sprouts so this is a must. Really like bacon with the sprouts too so might add that.

    1. stacey says:

      I would definitely add bacon, but didn’t have any on hand when I made these. If you use bacon just swap out the olive oil for bacon fat!!!

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