10 Budget-Friendly, PTA/PTO Volunteer Thank-You Gifts

For those of you who have have to plan a PTA/PTO Induction ceremony you know its a tough job! Or maybe it is your first year as the planner and you are freaking out right about now! Let me ease some of your worry and offer some easy, cost effective, and ‘sweet’ ways to give a little thanks to your dedicated volunteers. We all know PTA/PTO’s would cease to exist without them!

I found some cute ideas and I had to make a choice. I made my decision mostly based on ease of pulling it together and budget.

Here were the options I gave myself:

They are all so adorable, low budget, easy, and useful in their own way I couldn’t make a wrong choice.

You will see which one I chose as you read through my comments.

Teacher Gifts : Thanks for your helping hands this year! Free Download printable for Christmas volunteer appreciation gifts. #kidmin

PTA/PTO Induction Ceremonies are in the spring (usually May) so I would have to change the colors/scents to a Spring theme, but still doable. Everyone needs this stuff!


This one seemed very budget friendly and who doesn’t like chocolate? Only problem, although I am a chocolate lover I am not a huge Crunch Bar fan. I just cant serve chocolate I won’t enjoy! However, if you are a Crunch Bar fan and you ALSO have a tight budget this might be right up your alley.

valentine gifts for teacher

These are so cute!! I loved them. Definitely a contender. Clear cellophane bags make everything look special. I also love the colors. Very springtime!

Got a Team Member whose great attitude just can't be beat? Say thanks for turning lemons into lemonade with a gift of a water bottle and lemonade mix.

Oh my goodness!!! How adorable are these? I was guessing I didn’t have the budget for the water bottle, but thought maybe I could incorporate the same idea with the lemonade packets and use an actual bottle of water. So CUTE and very SPRING ready!

Made these for the other classroom teachers... 'LIFE SAVERS'
Teacher Appreciation Nurse appreciation Employee Recognition Thank you gifts, You're a Lifesaver, Thanks for all you do Tags Lifesaver candy

These two Lifesaver gifts are so cute in their own way and people always love a mint or hard candy. Lifesavers: Fond in purses everywhere! It was sure to be a crowd-pleaser. And low budget. A win-win.


Find me a volunteer that doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate! Let’s be honest, most of us are moms, and we hide this kind of stuff from our kids so we can enjoy it ourselves! Total win!


This is a volunteer gift that tugs at the nostalgia for the 80’s in my heart. I love the presentation too. It doubles as a centerpiece, plus Pop Rocks provide their own source of entertainment if your event gets boring…’Anyone have a Coke?’ Hehe.

Day 1 of Employee appreciation week.
Employee appreciation

These Extra Gum thank-you’s were the ones I decided to go with. I chose the smaller gum packets (Dollar Tree) and used Blue and Orange card-stock because I wanted to represent our school colors. These were cost effective, varied in flavors, and appealed to most. SO, YAY! One more thing I could check of my list of to-do’s!!!

It is important to keep in mind PTA\PTO volunteers are usually in this gig for all the right reasons: To make the students, teachers, and community a better place because of what they do. My point is, these sweet, hard-working volunteers will be there time and again without any token of appreciation. That being said, it’s ALWAYS important to recognize the work they do all year long. Most, year after year. This small token will go a long way.

Have a great end of year PTA/PTO’s,



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