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Tacos: The food of life…so many options…so little time, but we are giving it a solid ‘try’ at our dinner table! However, in my family JUST TACOS for dinner won’t cut it. I struggled, in the beginning to find sides that fit with taco night. Aside from the time-tested chips and salsa Chi-Chi’s made a cultural revolution in the 80’s.

My dilemma with taco sides was EVERYTHING was already IN the TACO: Meat, Veggies, Cheese/sour cream (aka dairy), even self-proclaimed super foods like avocados!

***What would a side do but add extra weight?

Well, I have learned a Taco Tuesday side dish comes with many happy faces…including mine.

We usually have a taco night a couple times a month (not always on Tuesday) Here are some of my favorites in the Taco Any Day rotation.


This is like a bowl of summer all year round. I usually have this when Avocados and Mangos are around $1 or less each. The Aldi near me runs these specials a few times a year! I stock up on Avocados during these times…they keep in my fridge for a few weeks and I use them all month long.

Roasted Cheesy Tomatoes- delicious simple side dish to almost any meal.


SO SIMPLE. SO GOOD. SO EASY! Also, this could double as a side dish for pasta or pizza night if you use mozzarella/parmesan cheese instead…maybe with a sprinkle of fresh basil or some dried Italian herb mix. Now I want pizza! 

Pinto beans. Good recipe. Chipotle copycat I think !!!


These are 100% copycat Chipotle beans! You can also make this side-dish for around $1. if you don’t like the heat from Chipotle use smoked paprika instead…Same kind of taste and no heat. I like to use my immersion blender at the end to give the beans a creamier texture (half blended half whole).

Authentic Mexican food truck street corn from the comfort of your own home! Make this side for your next taco night!


This street corn is so addicting it may not be street legal;-)

The perfect compliment to any Mexican dish! So easy to make and full of flavor!


Tastes like the real thing! No, joke. My husband loves rice and to put an imposter in the form of cauliflower in front of him is asking a lot of his culinary expectations, but he enjoyed this just as much as the original…AND with a little less guilt!

Cilantro Lime Rice | Side Dish Recipe | Rice | Cilantro lime rice is the perfect side dish, for burritos, nachos, or even a taco salad. So many options! Delicious toasted rice is cooked to perfection in a flavorful chicken broth full of spices, cilantro a


Cilantro is kind of like a food group in my house. It finds its way into so many of my meals. This rice hi-lights all the things my family loves about cilantro. So easy and cost effective too!

This quinoa taco salad is such an easy healthy dinner or packed lunch. The recipe is really just a method - feel free to get creative with it! | easy lunch ideas | healthy packed lunch | healthy vegetarian dinner ideas |


Avocados are right up there with cilantro in my family. I also find a way to put avocados in every recipe I can. We even eat avocados plain around here…It’s a decadent treat to me! This salad is a great side on Taco night and it can double as a lunch the next day if you add the leftover taco meat/protein.

Crunchy Frito Corn Salad


Fritos! Enough said! Just make it! You know you want to. Oh, and add some avocados & cilantro!

What's better than one serve of guac? Guacamole three-ways!


Look! Avocados in the form of three food groups!! My dream come true. Quite honestly I could skip the taco and just have this for dinner!

Eat up Amigos,



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  1. Looks like some great recipes Thanks for the links!

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