Our House, is a very, very, very fine house: But a little messy

“Damn it! That’s today?” If I had a dime for every time I said this I wouldn’t be working part time as a substitute teacher and spending my spare time trying to get my blog up and running. Laundry gets piled up, kids got to bed later than they should, dinner is on the table, once for my two kids at a decent hour (and by decent I mean before 8pm). And the second time after 10pm for my husband and me. Or at least that’s how it’s been as of late. It seems to work, though. It’s our “normal.”

Everyone always has clean clothes, the kids deal with the semi-crazy bedtime (they are usually all tucked in by 10pm). After stories, discussions of the day, bathroom breaks, and bedtime cuddles. Anyone else have crazy bedtime routines that last longer than an hour sometimes? I know I’ll miss it one day, but seriously, I got an escort to my room (by my dad. My mom wasn’t even a part of the routine) and kiss on the forehead. Somewhere in the gene pool the system went awry and my husband and I have been sucked into the bedtime concierge business. I’ll miss it one day. Right?

Dinner. Ah, yes, dinner. It’s actually my favorite part of a busy day. Sometimes I struggle to get a meal cooked and I get creative with leftovers or do take out, but most of the time I have earned pretty good bragging rights to putting a healthy meal on the table every (most) days. Cooking is my safe space. I am confident in the kitchen and mistakes and substitutions for the real thing can be hidden in each tasty bite. With a little skill (and I’m talking LITTLE). I’m not a chef. Just a girl who likes to cook.

Cooking became a little more of a challenge for me about three years ago. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, which is a fancy way of saying I take medicine to keep my immune system from attacking my joints so I can walk and use my hands. It’s all good though. I’m healthy, medicine works, and I changing how I eat made all the difference. I decided to go gluten-free. I know it’s trendy right now. “Everybody is doing it” but for me, it was a real life-changer. I could stand up straight again and not feel like I had the flu everyday. Anyway, my point is, I still eat (pretty much) whatever I want. I have learned some tricks to modify recipes to make them gluten free friendly. So much that my husband and kids don’t even know! I’d like to share my secrets with the world. And maybe inspire someone else to make the change and feel a little better.

My hope is you find a common place of comfort here. Whether it’s getting ideas to keep your kids busy and engaged in something other than an electronic device (although, without them my voice wouldn’t be possible…so, there’s that). Reading my ramblings and finding a connection you needed just at the right moment (I am absolutely in love with that moment when I read something, especially when it’s unexpected). Finding a suitable gluten free dish to satisfy even the most picky eaters or just checking in to see what’s happening with this crazy family I love more than the world. Welcome to my home. I’m so glad you stopped in to say ‘ Hello.’