Sweet Quinoa for Breakfast

Tired of the same old breakfast routine? Kick it up with some sweet spins on quinoa for breakfast. Yep, that’s what I said, “Quinoa for breakfast.” Not the savory side of quinoa either. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these tasty recipes.

Say goodbye to…

  • Granola
  • Eggs
  • Cereal
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Bagels
  • English muffins
  • Breakfast bars

These are all delicious and some nutritious in their own way, but are still part of the hum drum of the breakfast world.

I was skeptical at first…I am a lover of quinoa, but for DINNER! Not breakfast and certainly not sweet! This concept was turning my brain into a pretzel. This quinoa puzzle comes in all kinds of delicious disguises too!

  • Bars
  • Bowls
  • Bread
  • Bakes
  • Overnight Quinoa

You are about to embark on what feels like dessert for breakfast, but you can head into this morning change GUILT-FREE!!! Quinoa is a power-packed grain with health benefits GALORE!

  • Gluten-Free
  • Fights Migraines
  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Low Calorie/Low Fat
  • High in Protein: This is what makes it a great breakfast food. It keeps you going all morning. 
  • High in fiber.
  • High in Magnesium
  • High in Iron

Quinoa Breakfast BarsB

I need to make a batch of these healthy quinoa breakfast bars, they look amazing! | recipe from http://simplyquinoa.com

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars: These Blueberry bars are so much better than muffins because there is no portion control happening here. You can cut any size piece you want!

Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bars - an easy make-ahead recipe for busy mornings. Packed with whole grains and protein from #AllWhitesEggWhites from @AllWhitesEggs. Gluten free and dairy free. #ad | cupcakesandkalechips.com

Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bars: This bar is basically like apple pie for breakfast. Resist the whipped cream.

For a quick and healthy snack on the run grab one of these banana quinoa breakfast bars made with quinoa, rolled oats and dairy-free chocolate chips. #vegan #glutenfree #quinoabars

hBanana Quinoa Breakfast Bars: Ummm…Bananas & Chocolate…Enough Said. YUM!

Flourless Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bars

Flourless Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bars: Flourless bars to make them a little more healthy but still delicious. I think I would also add some chocolate to these too. Dark chocolate. That still makes it healthy…Right?

***Freeze any of these bars for a delicious breakfast anytime. Each recipe makes a lot of bars, so you can easily stock breakfast for a couple weeks depending on the size of your family. 

Quinoa Breakfast Bowls


hCinnamon Apple Quinoa Breakfast: Apple pie again for breakfast…Well, if I must…

Now you can have chocolate for breakfast and never think twice. This supercharged, healthy chocolate quinoa breakfast bowl recipe will be sure to satisfy! #chocolate #quinoa #breakfast

hChocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl:Folks, if this chocolate quinoa doesn’t make you want to try the sweeter side of quinoa for breakfast I don’t know what will. This is just a sweet excuse to have desert for breakfast!

Berry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (Gluten-free & Dairy-free) | Quinoa for breakfast? Absolutely! In this healthy Vegan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl, the superfood gets a sweet and fruity treatment by simmering with frozen mixed berries, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup! #cleaneatingrecipes, #veganbreakfastrecipes

hBerry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: The color of this quinoa is so beautiful I almost hate to eat it. Almost.

hBreakfast Quinoa with Chai-Spiced Almond Milk & Cinnamon: It’s like a trip to the coffee shop and a sweet breakfast all in one. Plus it reminds me to tell you Almond milk, or any non-dairy milk, can be substituted in any of these recipes.

Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Two of my weaknesses: Coconut and Almonds. I think I could live off of all things coconut if I had to.

Carrot Cake Quinoa Bowls | Destination Delish – wholesome and hearty quinoa kissed with the sweet flavors of carrot cake for the perfect spring breakfast

hCarrot Cake Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Okay, coming from a carrot cake lover. I mean it’s serous, I could eat a while cake given the chance this breakfast is amazing and mimics all the wonderfulness of carrot cake without all the guilt. And the almond butter…just an added bonus (feel free to substitute your favorite nut-butter).

Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: This looks and tastes good enough for a Thanksgiving feast.

hOatmeal Quinoa Power Bowl: No way you are gonna feel the afternoon drags after this power-breakfast. And toasted coconut..OMG!!!

Quinoa Breakfast Bakes

Quinoa Breakfast Bake - iFOODreal - Healthy Family Recipes

hQuinoa Breakfast Bake: This dish is so fancy. The next time you are considering a french that bake try this instead. Your fancy guests will be impressed and you can feel good about feeding them something delicious and nutritious.

Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bake | POPSUGAR Fitness

hQuinoa Make-Ahead Breakfast Bake: This is a simple make-ahead bake for your less fancy guests or everyday. Still a step above Cheerios.

Overnight Quinoa Oats

Chocolate Raspberry Quinoa Overnight Oats is a decadent and healthy breakfast that you can have ready to go for a grab and go meal! #joeats #breakfast #healthy #mealprep #easyrecipe #vegetarian #glutenfree via @joeatsnet

Chocolate Raspberry Quinoa Overnight OatsChocolate Raspberry Quinoa Overnight Oats: Raspberry & Chocolate are two of my favorite combinations and to incorporate this into breakfast, in a healthy way, is kind of amazing.

Save yourself some time in the morning and make this overnight quinoa the night before.

hOvernight Quinoa: Your New Favorite Breakfast: Sweet. Simple. Change up the fruit or add nuts to personalize it your way or get your kids involved and let them add their own mix-ins.

Vanilla Almond Overnight Quinoa - gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

hVanilla Almond Overnight Quinoa: This is easy, for every-day. Take it in your car for a breakfast on the fly.

Fruit-Filled Protein-Packed Overnight Quinoa & Oats via Nutritionist in the Kitch // Gluten Free & Vegan

hFruit-Filled Protein-Packed Overnight Quinoa & Oats: Peanut butter, fruit, nuts…All the wonderful things breakfast and life are made of.

Overnight Oats but with Quinoa instead!  Try this banana, date and walnut combination. Super Easy to make and last all week long.

hBanana Bread Overnight Quinoa: When you are craving some homemade banana bread but don’t have the time.

I hope you enjoy some or all of these sweet additions to your breakfast routine. Maybe you can challenge ours to sweeten up our quinoa in your own way. 

Sweet Beginnings,



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  1. Who knew!!!! I would eat every one of these!

    1. stacey says:

      In was a skeptic, at first, but they are a lovely change in the breakfast routine.

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