My Food Network Love Affair

I have been been a Food Network fan since the days of Sarah Molton, Morimoto (pre-Iron Chef), Michael Chiorello, and Mario Batali.

Back when their shop was, I’m taking a stab here: A one camera operation on the cheapest set they could get away with.

I hav always been a food lover and a watcher of food shows. Prior to Food Networks existence I would get my Food TV kicks from PBS. Julia Child was my girl!

I don’t have an exact date but this love affair (don’t worry my husband is aware) with the Food Network has been existence for the better part of 15-20 years. I have, literally, watched it grow up. I’m one proud mama!

At this point I’m not exactly sure you REALLY know how much I love the Food Network so let me jus throw out this fun fact; It was on the TV when both of my children were born.

It was on during every midnight, 3am, 2, am, 5am, well, EVERY feeding. It was on so much that when my kids were old enough to talk and tell me what they wanted to watch they asked to watch “The Food Show.” I WAS doing something right!

Anyway, as the Food Network evolved from a low budget operation to a billion dollar industry, dominating every corner of the food world and producing personalities with as much superstar status as Beyonce. Well, Almost as much. You get the idea. Tell me you don’t know Emeril, Giada, Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Ree Drummond (affectionately the Pioneer Woman),or Paula Dean…See, you know…Even if you don’t want to admit you know.

As time went on I continued watching the Food Network, but my food needs were evolving. Not because I wanted them to, but because I needed them to. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease shortly (one week) after my daughter was born, and found myself in a body I didn’t know. This was seven years ago.

My first vacation as gluten-free eater: The little one on the right is the sweetheart who changed this body for good! The sweet boy on the left is a great brother.

I went on to Iive with that body for the better part of 2-3 years until I decided to make a diet change. I went Gluten-Free. It seems to be a ‘fad’ at that time and maybe that was a blessing and a curse.

  • Blessing, because Gluten-Free was becoming a household term and food manufactures were hopping on the gluten free train in rapid succession. Yay for me!
  • Curse, because it was a sign of the times and it seemed a going gluten free was a ‘fad’ in the making. I felt an obligation to explain my medical need every time I asked for ‘no bun.’ Of course, I realize now that wasn’t necessary, but I was a newbie and needed proper guidance.

So here I am. Gluten Free. Five years later, feeling great, and still loving the Food Network! Speaking of which, a guilty pleasure of mine is getting the Food Network Magazine. However, it’s not exactly a gluten-friendly publication. I’m not complaining because this is the very reason I stated this blog. You see, when I became gluten-free I feared I would have to forfeit my love of food and EVEN WORSE, forfeit my love of cooking. I didn’t have to do either. I became more in love with food because it made men feel good and more in love with cooking because, now, it was a new adventure and a challenge.

  • Everything Had to Appeal to my while family. I wasn’t going to cook 4 separate dinners.
  • Everything had to be budget friendly.
  • Everything had to be Gluten Free (Duh)!
  • Everything had to be homemade and healthy.

These four things were non-negotiable!!!! Well, sometimes we splurge on dinners. Check out my Sloppy Joe Nachos for a fun and easy dinner!

My Love Affair with the Food Network and its magazine became my mission as a gluten-FREE cook living in a gluten-FULL world.

Over the next few weeks I will hi-light some of the most recent recipes in the Food Network Magazine and offer my gluten-free twists. Sometimes its a simple substitution and sometimes it needs a big re-work, but I guarantee everything is delicious!

Look for my first Food Network gluten free re-work in my next blog. I’ll be whipping up a batch of Duff Goldmans Basic Brownies

There is NOTHING basic about these suckers!

Gluten Free isn’t Stopping ME,



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