DIY Kid-Friendly Christmas Ornament

These are going to make a lot of relatives very happy this Christmas season.

My daughter (seven in January) has an appetite for crafting. She inspires ME most of the time. We got this idea from a version of the same type of ornament she made back in preschool with a clear ornament bulb and a couple crayons (put the crayon pieces in the empty bulb, blast with a hair-dryer until melted into a colorful design and there are no more clear spots on the ornament). 

In our version we used acrylic paint (the metallic kind because it’s so pretty) but you can use any color pallet you would like. Half the fun is going to the store and picking out the colors. Or you can order these acrylic paints here  We also used clear plastic ornaments (you can use glass but I was afraid of an accident. These work great Any size and/or shape will do.

The REALLY Fun Part!!!

Okay, so now it’s time to get your hands dirty. I was lucky because my daughter took over & she ended up with the dirty hands! Speaking of…I had a pack of baby wipes handy during this process (My kids are 9 & 6 and I still buy baby wipes because they are AWESOME)!!! So handy for a dirty job like this, and the paint came right off my daughter’s skin and the plastic of the ornament if some accidentally got on the outside. I digress about baby wipes.

Step One:  Remove the top of the ornament (save for later to reattach) and squirt about 1 – 2 teaspoons of paint inside the ornament you are working on. We added up to three colors.

Step Two: Shake/Roll your ornament to blend the colors to coat the clear space. The more you shake/mix the more they blend. However, if you are patient and can slowly turn the ornament you will end up seeing a more distinct definition of each color in the blend. Either way I think they look amazing!

Step Three:  Once the ornament has been totally coated from the inside (no clear spots are visible) you are done and it is time to reattach the top of the ornament. Now that everything is back in place you can use cloth ribbon or gift wrap ribbon (We used cloth ribbon we had leftover from other projects) to make your tie.  Voila! You have yourself a DIY, low-ccost, beautiful Christmas ornament gift.


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