Crustless Ham, veggie and smoked Gouda quiche

10 reasons why I have a crush on quiche
It’s Breakfast, It’s Dinner, It’s lunch, It’s Gluten Free when it’s ‘crustless’ or if you make a gluten free crust, It’s a blank palette for ingredients, It’s budget friendly, It’s good the next day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, My kids eat the vegetables I put in it, It’s a great way to use leftovers, and It’s a favorite in my house


The LAST Gluten Free White Sauce You Will EVER Need!

How was I going to enjoy creamy casseroles? Chowder? Macaroni and cheese?I was prepared for my food funeral, but then realized I had to beef up my gluten free game. I couldn’t let these delectables disappear from my life. Or worse, watch everyone else enjoying these timeless favorites.

9 Books You Will Want Your Daughter to Read

I am an addict of the written word, and hope I render that same addiction in my children. My son loves to read, but only about ‘real stuff.” Even as a small child he preferred non-fiction to fiction. However, my daughter has always loved stories, and has an enormous imagination. She is self-aware, empathetic, and…

Nancy Fuller’s Stovetop Mac & Cheese: Gluten Free!

When you think of comfort food Macaroni and Cheese HAS to be in the top ten…Maybe even top 5…You can’t mix pasta with cheese and not immediately feel comforted. It could have healing powers we don’t even know about yet!

Hawaiian Pizza Nachos: Leftover Ham at its Best

Nachos are always hitting the menu at our house. “Why?” You ask. Well the list is plentiful. I’m always looking to use up leftovers and nachos are a great way to reinvent boring leftovers. Easy on the budget. If you are already using some kind of leftover chances are you have a few more things…

Food Network Magazine: Duff’s Brownies – Gluten Free – Dessert First

Brownies. These treats haunt those of us who are gluten free because they are so hard to resist! And people bring them to EVERYTHING: picnics, potlucks, birthdays, office parties, sleepovers, family dinners, etc. Why? Because they are damn delicious and so are to resist! Ooey Gooey, chewy chocolate goodness.

Pi Day Gluten Free Pies!

For anyone who has ever been in a math class past the age of eleven you know what Pi is, and for those that need a refresher (like me). Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. No matter how big or small the circle is. Now we are all just a…