Spicy 1,000 Island Dressing

I do love a good 1,000 Island sauce if done right. And by ‘right’ I mean the way I make it!


Secret Ingredient Potluck Pasta Salad: Kid Approved!!!

This recipe was happened upon by accident and, like most recipes born out of a moment of desperation. I was cooking for a larger crowd and needed to be sure my kids would have something to eat. They aren’t super-picky eaters but they can get finikey in certain situations. The “I don’t like this” conversations start happening…Meanwhile I’m just trying to have a good time at the cook-out and make sure my kids are eating SOMETHING more than cookies and chips!!!

Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes That Will Make Grandma Proud

You see, in my formative pancake years the bar was set so high because grandma’s pancakes weren’t just homemade, they were homemade APPLE pancakes. I’ll venture to say this kind of culinary risk was before her time. I mean blueberry & chocolate chip, sure, but APPLE? I’m just saying,I don’t think it was a culinary coincidence  that I wasn’t getting APPLE pancakes anywhere else but her house.

Jazz up your Zatarain’s

When I make Zatarain’s it’s what I call a ‘one pot meal night.’ add this budget friendly, veggie packed, devious dinner to your weekly rotation.

Taco Tuesday Sides

Tacos: The food of life…so many options…so little time, but we are giving it a solid ‘try’ at our dinner table! However, in my family JUST TACOS for dinner won’t cut it. I struggled, in the beginning to find sides that fit with taco night. Aside from the time-tested chips and salsa Chi-Chi’s made a…

Gluten-Free Blueberry Swirl, Sweet Corn Muffins

Thoughts of summer came creeping into my brain the other day and it’s what inspired these delicious muffins.

I was, specifically thinking of our lazy blueberry-picking days in the summer.

Gluten-Free Egg Noodles

“Make your own noodles” was a laughable phrase in my pre-gluten-free days. I admittedly, took for granted the ease in which pasta came and went from my life. Now, not so much. If I want pasta now I have to pay a premium for the gluten-free variety or settle for ‘spiralized’ veggies, which I love,…

Amazing Asian-Inspired Aioli

I love having easy, but unique freezer appetizers handy for quick sides for weekday dinners. This week I bought Goya’s Fried Plantains.