Nancy Fuller’s Stovetop Mac & Cheese: Gluten Free!

When you think of comfort food Macaroni and Cheese HAS to be in the top ten…Maybe even top 5…You can’t mix pasta with cheese and not immediately feel comforted. It could have healing powers we don’t even know about yet!


Taco Meatloaf: Weekday Easy!

I took a pound of ground chicken (I like to keep my meatloaf a little healthier by using ground chicken or lean ground turkey) out in the morning with the plan to make meatloaf before we had to leave for the PTA event. However, I didn’t plan on the Mexican Meatloaf masterpiece my family devoured.

The Last Split Pea & Ham Soup Recipe You Will Ever Need!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means I may earn commission should you use my link to make a purchase. This link will not increase your Amazon cost or affect your purchase in any way. I set out to make my fist batch of Split Pea Soup when I was newly engaged and…

Sweet Potato Soup & Cinnamon Chipotle Croutons.

This Soup is 4 Things: Simple, Delicious, Budget Friendly, and Healthy ***This soup is creamy and delicious without any added milk or cream which keeps this dish guilt-free! You will need the following ingredients for the soup: 3 Lbs. cooked & peeled sweet potatoes: you can boil, bake, or microwave them. 4 Cups chicken or…